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I know, I know, Swedish is a strange language. Trägårdh means Garden. But this is an old eighteenth century spelling. The modern spelling is Trädgård. Now you know…

I found computers at the age of 12, when I attended my first programming course. I learned BASIC on a Luxor ABC 80 computer, and it opened a whole new world for me. I just loved it! I quickly managed to get a computer at home and spent countless hours with it, exploring what you could do with it. And some gaming, of course.

I have worked with computers and software development my whole life. I am one of the lucky ones that can say that I followed my passion and made a career out of it. And this passion has proven itself important. I think there hasn’t been one single day when I haven’t learned anything new, just because I love it.

Working my way up through the ranks, I have worked with basically all the stages of software. I started as a system operator for an IBM AS/400 (and managed to learn some Cobol). Yes, I can officially title myself a Cobol dinosaur! I have worked with requirements. I have worked with test, as a tester, QA and a test tool developer (ISEB/ ISTQB certified). My experience with writing documentation is useful now when I write for this site. And now, Cloud is becoming a major area in my life.

And all the time, coding, coding, and more coding. You will find that I am a Microsoft fellow. Most of my coding has been in Windows using either C, C++, or C#.

Platforms I’ve written code for ranges from embedded systems, like cell phones in development, through PC, a lot of PC, up to bigger machines like the IBM AS/400. I’ve even written a test engine in a terminal simulation program.

When Scrum started to appear on the radar, I quickly found that this resonated with me, and I have worked as a Scrum Master, as defined by Scrum.Org (not project manager, mind you), and I have helped a few teams transform into Scrum teams.

I have experience from different industries, both as a consultant and as an employee.

  • Mobile phones at Ericsson and SonyEricsson, among others.
  • Financial systems, accounting, and Point of Sale.
  • Insurance.
  • Property operations and maintenance.
  • Measuring and managing energy.
  • And others…

You find my official CV at LinkedIn.

Self portrait of the site owner, Peter Trägårdh
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