Getting Things Done


Jack of all trades
Master of none
Though often better than a master of one

This is how life experience works. You gather experiences from every situation you find yourself in. Each place has a new problem to solve and that will give you a new skill that you can use in the future. So when a similar problem appears, then you are capable to handle it. And further more, the more skills you possess, the more solutions to the problem can you find. You can find the right solution instead of the only solution.

When you have enough skills, it is also possible for you to solve complex problems that otherwise would have been without reach for you. The end product seldom only require one skill to finish. Building a house requires concrete and wood workers as well as electricians and gardeners. But when you know a little of everything, you don’t have to mobilize an entire army for every little problem that shows up. You are capable of doing it yourself.

Quality is important. But when we are working towards a bigger goal, then many times good enough is enough. Sometimes a quick solution to a problem is more important than the perfect solution. And this is where the generalists skills come to its full potential because you know everything you need to solve it and move on.

This can of course also be applied to your professional life too. The more areas you know something about, the better decisions you can take and the more problems you can solve for the customer. You can see the crossroads and what pros and cons each road has.

Still, some problems require a deep expertise and knowledge to solve. And that is why a good team has both experts and generalists.

As Adam Savage said: “My expertise is being a generalist.”

— Cheers!!

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