We hear it often now about data leaks, hackers that has broken in to sites and stolen the user data. Many times, it is our passwords they get. The hacked companies usually act fast and lock the accounts and make us enter a new one, and that’s the end of it.

But many people use the same password everywhere. And that is a huge problem, because when the hackers have your password, they basically have free access to all your accounts. However, there are a couple of tactics you can use to prevent this.

  1. ALWAYS use different passwords. NEVER use the same, even on two accounts.
  2. Use two factor authentication as often as possible.

Two factor authentication, or two-step verification as its also called, means that when you have entered your password, you also have to enter a one-time password. It is often created by an app or a special device. The password is only valid for a really short time, which basically makes it useless to hackers. Some sites have simplified the process and send the password to you with an SMS or directly to your phone.

To start using two-step verification, you have to open the settings in the app or site and turn it on. Here are how you do it for a couple of the most widely used sites.




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