Gravatar is an abbreviation for a Globally Recognized Avatar and is operated by
It is basically a picture and some text about you, that you register on the Gravatar site, and then connect your mail address to.
Whenever a web site, that is linked to Gravatar, sees your mail address, it replaces the generic profile picture with the one of you. And when you hover the mouse over it, your bio is displayed.

Create a user

You have to have a user to create a Gravatar. Makes sense, since it is that runs Gravatar.

So, if you don’t have a user there, go ahead and create it at

Create your Gravatar

Log on to the Gravatar site, using your WordPress account. The one you just created.

This will take you to the Manage Gravatars page.

If this is the first time you do this, click the Add one by clicking here! link.

Add your picture to the profile

Upload new. Opens the file explorer and you navigate to the file on your local machine.
From URL. You have the picture online somewhere, and you enter the URL to it.
Past Uploads. Drag and drop your picture.
From webcam. Take a new picture using your web camera.

Crop the image

This is where you make the picture you uploaded fit the dimensions that Gravatar uses.

Yes, it maybe is a bit narcissistic to use myself as an example. But I didn’t have anybody else’s picture… And also, I know that I have the rights to publish it too.

Rate the picture

You have to declare if your picture is ok to show to everybody or you are using something that can be perceived as a bit offending.

And now you are done! Log on to your WordPress site and watch how your Gravatar automagically appears up in the right corner.

— Cheers!

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